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Take a Moment for Pictures, Videos and Other Digital Media on Your Phone

Updated: Apr 2

Image of a note with Spring Cleaning tips for digital media (tips are repeated in article below)

Text version of post: Spring Cleaning Time! Make sure to give a little attention to the digital media on your smart phone—all of the pictures and videos need a backup. Go through all of the photos...and screenshots and files get the idea. Delete what you don’t need. (Apps too! Not a bad time to check for any subscriptions you might have forgotten about.)

Back up everything, all photos, videos and any of the digital media you want to keep. We recommend two places. Saved on the cloud? Also, save everything to a hard drive, flash drive or another physical storage device.

Backing up your digital media—memories, moments and more—ensures you’ll have them for years to come. This is a perfect DIY project. Or contact KK’s Video Studio, and we can help with our digital media download service.



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