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A group of classic media including film reels, VHS Tapes, a record, and slides with a background that says, "Establsihed 1984"

KK’s Video Studio has called the Texas South Plains home since 1984.

We do all services, including digital transfers, in-house at our

Lubbock-based studio.



Film Reels stack

Eric Farley

Slides and photos spread out on bright yellow background

Addy Black

VHS Tapes

Eric Raines


Retro Tv with the No Signal color bars on the screen
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Not sure about what type of retro media you have? Over the years we’ve worked with different media ranging fro m floppy disks to records and even photo tintypes.


Unsure if it can be converted to a digital format? Contact us and one of our team members will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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